About us

Innocénte was founded by Margie with the aim of improving the image of CBD products. The Innocénte healing movement should make consumers more familiar with CBD products. They want to offer our visitors effective products, based on natural ingredients. Qualitative products with a fair price that serve a real purpose. Innocénte wants to build a community for a lifestyle with CBD. Caring for body and mind, tasty natural and healthy food and qualitative, sustainable, organic clothing made from hemp. Innocénte is part of Grina Nirmala B.V. from Almelo.

First of all, some information about Cannabidiol, better known as CBD. CBD is a natural substance that occurs in the flower tops of the cannabis plant. CBD is one of the more than 100 substances in cannabis and belongs to the group of Cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are also produced in the human body and can be found, for example, in fish and nuts. CBD is mainly extracted from fibre hemp and the cannabis sativa plant. Unlike THC, which does have psychoactive effects, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. The CBD products of Innocénte contain no or less than 0,02% THC. So you don’t get high from CBD.

Body & Beauty
We want to change the way the cosmetic industry looks at cannabis and also change the way the CBD industry approaches CBD cosmetics. We want to offer people natural, responsible products. With only natural ingredients, without artificial additives, oils, silicones and parabens.

Cooking & Food
Nature has so many wonderful products to offer, but most people don’t know where to find them or how to use them. There are many great recipes in which CBD is used, therefore, in addition to our offerings in the webshop, we will also regularly post an article on this website about cooking with CBD. These can be facts about cooking with CBD, but also great recipes that are worth trying at home. Who doesn’t want to present something new and wonderful to family and/or friends who visit and just as important, who doesn’t want to present something wonderful with mainly all-natural products that contribute to a healthy and happy lifestyle? So don’t hesitate and come back regularly to Innocénte.eu to try out some great new recipes.

Fashion & Lifestyle
Fashion contributes to the execution of what you stand for. In a society where contributing to a greener lifestyle is more important than ever, hemp fabric cannot be overlooked. Hemp is organic and has so much more to offer. Hemp cloth is known for its great quality because it is so versatile and contains durable, natural fibres. When coloured, hemp absorbs the pigment so much faster than other fabrics, meaning you need to use much less product and the colour remains intense for longer. Last but not least, hemp fabric has natural anti-bacterial properties.

Unfortunately, ecological clothing has an image of being boring and only for a select group of people, but we at Innocénte want to change that. Despite the use of at least 90% all-natural products, we want to offer clothing with a designer look that can be worn for every occasion.

Sport & Health
We believe that being happy also means taking good care of your body. Apart from keeping your mind clear, healing exercises such as Pilates, yoga, qi gong, etc. can also be a great way to create more body balance.

Therefore, you will find all the information you need to find balance in the comfort of your home through various healing movement exercises. Our goal is to present a series of exercises on this website, in addition to the healing products in the web shop. So everyone can choose the exercise that suits them best to find the happiness that Innocénte believes they deserve.