Our goal

Authenticity and quality are hard to get on the market for cannabis cosmetics. New products are often brought forth too fast, with less attention to quality, which causes a lot of products to be wrongly labeled or have uninspiring ingredient formulas. Traceability is also very lacking for many brands that use cannabis, using especially ‘CBD’ simply as a method to let you pay too much. Ultimately, buyers have to search for high quality, certified and traceable CBD-products.

At innocénte we want to change the way that the cosmetic industry sees cannabis, and we want to change the way how the CBD industry approaches CBD-cosmetics. Our original and custom-made formulas are based on natural ingredients that work together synergistically to produce effective products that serve a real purpose.

Our Ethos

The CBD-skincare market is in full bloom, with brands that compete to be the first to offer a vast assortment of products. Both the CBD industry as well as the cosmetic industry struggle to respond to the demand of the consumer with effective, innovative and high quality products at the required rate.

Our specially chosen suppliers and we direct ourselves to creating effective and innovative cosmetics with natural ingredients that work in harmony. We are proud of are proud of the quality of the materials that are used. There are two important factors that distinguish our products from others on the market.

Our products are formed with integrity and we can tell with understanding and passion about the ingredients and fabricating process, from concept to delivery of the end product directly into your hands.

Moreover, a strong focus as well on the other ingredients of the end product that is not cannabis. Natural ingredients are mixed that are specially selected because of their synergetic effects. The ingredients are carefully selected, at which a lot of attention is directed to their transparency and of course sustainability.

We work hard together with our partners in the supply chain to obtain traceable, ethical and sustainable ingredients. These ingredients are obtained from the United Kingdom and Europe, and in some cases are from developing countries to support the building of their economy of especially smaller societies through sincere business practices.

We understand that consumers are more aware than ever before. To help you make fine choices, we have labelled our products in accordance with ethical and qualitative considerations.

We are very conscious about animal by-products in cosmetics, and the only non-vegan ingredient that ever will be used, is ethically-produced biological beeswax. We believe that it is generally better for the environment to use biological beeswax than vegan alternatives. We work to the best of our extent to make sure that there are no hidden animal by-products in our ingredients by demanding transparency of our suppliers.

We also care about sustainable palm oil. Where no other alternatives are available aside from palm oil or palm derivatives, accredited and RSPO-certified sustainable palm products will be bought. Vegan, palm and preservative-free products will be clearly labelled as such.