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Innocénte supports HOME Indonesia

This story begins 15 years ago in Indonesia; in the northern coastal area of Jakarta, Cilincing.

It was known that many abandoned children there needed help. They had no parents to care for them, no food or tools needed for education. Because they had been abandoned, they had no place to go and were wandering the streets. A house was set up for them 15 years ago to support these children. A woman came across this house, saw the children and fell in love. “This is my calling, I want to do more for these children”, she thought to herself and decided to pack her bags, leave her own house and go and arrange the house for the children.

With the help of her brother, sister and other family members, she fixed up the house, furnished it and expanded it to help more children.

Some children stay in the house to sleep, some ask for advice in life, some ask for some food or clothes because they are so poor.

They can all get these, but we would also like to support them together with you. Even a small donation can make a child happy.

All proceeds go to HOME so the children can be saved.